Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12/17/2012 More Lessons From the Fukushima Daiichi Accident

Source: Fairewinds Energy Education
Date: 12/17/2012
by: Arnie Gundersen

In this Monday's video, Fairewinds investigates a recently released report from Tokyo Electric. Arnie Gundersen discusses TEPCO's latest analysis that, almost two years after the accident, fully substantiates Fairewinds long held position that the explosion at Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3 was the result of a detonation shock wave. Arnie also discusses troubling reports that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been avoiding the analysis of damage to many nuclear plants' emergency cooling systems (Ultimate Heat Sink) from storm surges, tsunamis or dam failures. The ramifications of both of these issues on old designs and also the AP1000 are also analyzed in depth.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12/11/2012 Over 40 Percent of Fukushima Children Have Thyroid Disorders, Officials Not Helping

Date: 12/11/2012
Source: Infowars
by: Lisa Garber

Not much news on Fukushima crosses the ocean to our side of the globe anymore, but for thousands of Japanese children and evacuees, the suffering is hardly winding down. About 41 percent of 57,000 children have tested positive for early signs of possible thyroid cancer, and four out of five evacuees are experiencing thyroid abnormalities. Even doctors in Tokyo are noticing a sharply increased rate of strange symptoms among residents. Government officials, however, are doing their best to keep it quiet.

In fact, they’re blaming it on excessive seafood intake.
Read the rest here

Monday, November 12, 2012

11/10/2012 Major Study: Exposure to Low-Level Radiation Can Cause Leukemia

Source: Washington's Blog
Date: 11/10/2012

Numerous Studies Show that Low-Level Exposure Causes Cancer

Japan Times reports:
Protracted exposure to low-level radiation is associated with a significant increase in the risk of leukemia, according to a long-term study published Thursday in a U.S. research journal.
The study released in the monthly Environmental Health Perspectives was based on a 20-year survey of around 110,000 workers who engaged in cleanup work related to the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster in 1986.
Scientists from the University of California, San Francisco, the U.S. National Cancer Institute and the National Research Center for Radiation Medicine in Ukraine were among those who participated in the research.
Keigo Endo, a radiologist and president of Kyoto College of Medical Science, pointed to previous data showing an increased risk of leukemia with cumulative radiation exposure of as low as 120 millisieverts.
“The latest finding underlines the importance of long-term followup surveys. Further details of the survey should be examined to confirm specific dose levels that could cause leukemia,” Endo said.
Many nuclear scientists agree.
Indeed, the overwhelming consensus among radiation scientists is that repeated exposure to low doses of radiation can cause cancer, genetic mutations and other severe health problemsespecially in small children.
Yet many governments pretend that low doses of radiation are harmless. In fact, many governments have been covering up the danger from radiation for 67 years, because they want to push nuclear power as a way to make nuclear weapons.  And see this.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

11/9/2012 Coolant, record-keeping troubles at San Onofre

Source: The Orange County Register
Date: 11/9/2012

New problems came to light late this week at the shuttered San Onofre nuclear plant, including coolant found in the oil system of a backup generator and a record-keeping error stretching back to 1985.

New problems came to light late this week at the shuttered San Onofre nuclear plant, including coolant found in the oil system of a backup generator and a record-keeping error stretching back to 1985.
None of the problems posed a danger to plant workers or the public, plant operator Southern California Edison and a Nuclear Regulatory spokesman said Friday....
Read the rest here

Friday, November 9, 2012

11/8/2012 Fermi 2 nuke plant shut down

Source: northwestohio.com
Date: Posted: 11.08.2012 at 2:20 PM
by: Kevin Kistner

MONROE CO. -- The Fermi 2 nuclear power plant in Monroe County has been shut down.
DTE Energy says it took the plant offline after finding an excess of hydrogen gas in a cooling center for the main electrical generator.
An increase in hydrogen gas in the water-cooled system decreases its efficiency.
The generator is on the non-nuclear side of the plant and has two separate cooling systems for its different sections.   One uses water and the other hydrogen.

Monday, November 5, 2012

11/5/2012 S. Korea shuts down two nuclear reactors due to fake parts

Source: CCTV
Date: 1-06-2012 00:12 BJT

Video Description
South Korea has shut down two nuclear reactors after components were found to have false quality certificates.

The country’s Ministry of Knowledge Economy said the two reactors at the Yeonggwang nuclear power plant in the country’s southwest, will be closed until the end of the year, to have their parts replaced. Despite a wide use of such parts in at least two nuclear reactors, officials said there is no direct link to the safety of the nuclear reactors.

The ministry added that the parts are mostly legitimate products, that have had no problems when used in other industrial sectors. However, the parts need to be proven to be safe for use in nuclear power plants and thus require quality and safety warranties from one of 12 international organizations that have been designated by Seoul.

The shut down of the 2 reactors is expected to cause major disruptions to the country’s electricity supply. South Korea operates 23 nuclear reactors, generating about 30 percent of its total electricity.

Friday, November 2, 2012

11/1/2012 Fukushima Crime Syndicate

Source: Breaking the Set
Date: 11/1/2012
by: Abby Martin

Abby Martin takes a look at the intertwined relationship between the Japanese Yakuza crime syndicate and the nuclear energy industry in Japan.
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Thursday, November 1, 2012

10/31/2012 Alert lifted at Oyster Creek

Source(s): Associated Press, NRC
Date: 10/31/2012

As per the AP:
The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said an alert at the Oyster Creek plant in Forked River, N.J., ended early Wednesday. An alert is the second-lowest designation in a four-tiered warning system.
The alert was triggered as water rose outside the plant, threatening cooling equipment. NRC officials said water levels had since fallen and were still dropping. The plant, which was offline before the storm, also regained offsite power after losing it.
The full history of the alert can be garnered the the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) event notification report 48452 here.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10/30/2012 BREAKING: U.S. nuclear plant declares "alert" after Sandy storm surge: NRC

Source: Reuters
Date: Tue Oct 30, 2012 12:57am EDT

Editor's Note: There is a more recent update, the NRC says don't freak out about this alert.

(Reuters) - Exelon Corp declared an "alert" at its New Jersey Oyster Creek nuclear power plant due to a record storm surge, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said on Monday, warning that a further rise in water levels could force operators to use emergency water supplies from a fire hose to cool spent uranium fuel rods.

The alert -- the second lowest of four NRC action levels -- came after water levels at the plant rose by more than 6.5 feet, potentially affecting the pumps that circulate water through the plant, an NRC spokesman said.
Those pumps are not essential since the plant is shut for planned refueling at the moment. However a further rise to 7 feet could submerge the service water pump motor that is used to cool the water in the spent fuel pool.

The spokesman said the company could use water from a fire hose to cool the pool if necessary. The used uranium rods in the pool could cause the water to boil within 25 hours without additional coolant; in an extreme scenario the rods could overheat, risking the eventual release of radiation.

The NRC said in a statement that it expected water levels would begin to abate within the next several hours.
Sandy made landfall earlier in the evening as the most powerful Atlantic storm to hit the United States, bringing an over 13-foot storm surge.

There have been about a dozen instances of alert-level nuclear incidents in the past four years, according to NRC press releases. An alert-level incident means there is a "potential substantial degradation in the level of safety" at a reactor.

The concerns over the status of the spent fuel pool at Oyster Creek were reminiscent of the fears that followed the Fukushima disaster in Japan last year, when helicopters and fire hoses were enlisted to ensure the pools remained filled with fresh, cool water.
The nuclear industry has said that the spent fuel rods at Fukushima were never exposed to the air.
(Reporting by Scott DiSavino; Editing by Ed Davies)

10/30/2012 Nuclear plant shuts down unit, another put on alert as Sandy pounds East Coast

Source: The Washington Post
Date: Tuesday, October 30, 12:01 AM

WASHINGTON — Part of a nuclear power plant was shut down late Monday while another plant — the nation’s oldest — was put on alert after waters from superstorm Sandy rose 6 feet above sea level.

One of the units at Indian Point, a plant about 45 miles north of New York City, was shut down around 10:45 p.m. because of external electrical grid issues said Entergy Corp., which operates the plant. The company said there was no risk to employees or the public, and the plant was not at risk due to water levels from the Hudson River, which reached 9 feet 8 inches and was subsiding. Another unit at the plant was still operating at full power.
Read the rest here

Monday, October 29, 2012

10/29/2012 Nuclear Power Plants from Virginia to Vermont Could Be Impacted from Massive Hurricane Sandy

Source: Democracy Now
Date: 10/29/2012
by: Amy Goodman, Arnie Gunderson

Video Description
Visit http://www.democracynow.org for the complete transcript, additional reports on this topic, and more information. Watch the independent, global news hour live weekdays 8-9am ET.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has acknowledged the massive Sandy storm could impact both coastal and inland nuclear power plants. At least 16 reactors are in the storm's projected path, including North Anna and Surry in Virginia; Calvert Cliffs in Maryland; Oyster Creek, Hope Creek and Salem in New Jersey; Indian Point in New York; Millstone in Connecticut; and Vermont Yankee. So far there have been no reports of reactors shutting down, despite operating under licenses that require them to do so if weather conditions are too severe. "The biggest problem, as I see it right now, is the Oyster Creek plant, which is on Barnegat Bay in New Jersey," says former nuclear executive Arnie Gunderson, noting it lies in the project eye of the storm. "Oyster Creek is the same design design, but even older, than Fukushima Daichii unit one. It's in a refueling outage. That means that all the nuclear fuel is not in the nuclear reactor, but it's over in the spent fuel pool. And in that condition, there's no back-up power for the spent fuel pools. So, if Oyster Creek were to lose its offsite power, and frankly that's really likely, there would be no way cool that nuclear fuel thats in the fuel pool until they get the power reestablished. ... The most important lesson we can take out of Fukushima Daiichi and climate change, and especially with Hurricane Sandy, is that we can't expect to cool these fueling pools."

Tune in to Democracy Now! for our upcoming Election Night broadcast on November 6: http://www.democracynow.org/blog/2012/10/10/expanding_the_debate_upcoming_dem...

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10/24/2012 115 CPM reading from Frederick, WI on Radiation Network

Source: Nokaoi Traverse (from Facebook Radiation Watch group)
Date: 10/24/2012 9:30 PM CST (approximate)

Editor's Note: A second Geiger Counter up North in the general area as the Grand Rapids, Minnesota meter from Radiation Network with high readings decreases the probability that the Grand Rapids meter (which is offline as of this moment) 100+CPM alert level reading was a fluke.  Note that the Frederic, WI meter has technically exceeded the alerting level but has not shown up in the alerts section of Radiation Network (yet).
Frederic, WI, US
Coordinates Latitude: 45.65920 Longitude: -92.46690
Altitude 1,237 feet
Station Name FREDERIC WI
Geiger Counter Model Inspector EXP+
Other Criteria In plastic tube 3 ft. external of N building face w/fan
Report Period Day Time AM/PM

Beginning time 10/24/12 08:05:53 PM
Ending time 10/24/12 10:17:11 PM
Elapsed Minutes 130

Radiation Counts

Total Counts 11,249
Average CPM 86
Minimum CPM 63
Maximum CPM 115
Last Alert Level Set (CPM) 100

Time of Low/High Radiation Day Time AM/PM

Minimum CPM occurred 10/24/12 09:49:53 PM
Maximum CPM occurred 10/24/12 09:05:06 PM
Alert Level first exceeded 10/24/12 08:59:55 PM
Alert Level last exceeded 10/24/12 09:10:55 PM

Monday, October 22, 2012

RadiationNetwork shows 110 CPM in Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Source: RadiationNetwork.com
Date: 10/22/2012

Here is a copy and paste the Alerts section of RadiationNetwork.com:

Update: 10/22/12, 5:00 P.M. - Radiation Alert in Minnesota
The Radiation Network has a contributing Monitoring Station located in Grand Rapids, Minnesota that is triggering Radiation Alerts as I write this, since about 1:00 P.M. local time.  Until we receive feedback from the station operator, we have no reason to believe this is not a genuine detection of elevated radiation levels, and so as with our policy, this will be allowed to play out for the time being.
The graph shows steadily rising radiation from a normal background level of about 40 CPM, eventually exceeding the 100 CPM alert level on our network.  We know Grand Rapids operates the PRM-9000 Geiger counter which is built around the same ultra-sensitive pancake style Geiger-Mueller tube as in the Inspector line of instruments.  Without yet knowing the source or nature of the Grand Rapids radiation, I can say that particular model of GM tube has demonstrated at other times and across other monitoring stations how sensitive it is to passing radioactive weather patterns, even from an indoor monitoring posture.  When we obtain more information, we will provide a follow-up report.

For future posterity, here is a video by MissingSky101 of the high reading:

Monday, October 15, 2012

10/15/2012 Busby: Iraqi birth defects surge from US depleted uranium ammo

Source: Russia Today
Date: 10/15/2012
by: Dr. Christopher Busby

Video Description
A new study's revealed a staggering rise in birth defects among Iraqi children conceived in the aftermath of the US led war.

The findings were published by the Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology.

It's suggested American and British ammunition has caused high rates of miscarriages and birth defects - including in the heart and brain.

Professor Christopher Busby from the European Committee on Radiation Risks believes the invaders should take responsibility for what they did.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

10/4/2012 Top Nuclear Experts: Technology Doesn’t Yet Exist to Clean Up Fukushima

Source: Washington's Blog
Date: 10/4/2012

Containing Fukushima Is Beyond Current Technology

World-renowned physicist Michio Kaku said recently:
It will take years to invent a new generation of robots able to withstand the radiation.
(The radiation inside the reactors is too hot even for robots.)
AP reports:
Hiroshi Tasaka, a nuclear engineer and professor at Tama University who advised the prime minister after the disaster …  said the government target of removing all the rods by the end of next year may prove too optimistic because of many unknowns, the need to develop new technology and the risk of aftershocks.
The world leader in decommissioning nuclear reactors, and one of the main contractors hired to clean up Fukushima – EnergySolutions – made a similar point in May:
Concerning the extraction of fuel debris [at Fukushima], which is considered the most challenging process, “There is no technology which may be directly applied,” said [top EnergySolutions executive] Morant.

10/3/2012 AMERICAN Government Forces Re-Start of Japanese Nuclear Reactors

Source: Washington's Blog
Date: 10/3/2012

Americans Are Largely Responsible for Japan’s Ongoing Nuclear Policy

Archaic nuclear reactor designs such as those used at Fukushima – built by American company General Electric – were chosen because they were good for making nuclear bombs.   The U.S. secretly helped Japan develop its nuclear weapons program starting in the the 1980s.  Therefore, the U.S. played a large role in Japan’s development of nuclear energy.  (See this).

After the Fukushima disaster – in an effort to protect the American nuclear industry – the U.S. has joined Japan in raising “acceptable” radiation levels.  U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also signed a pact with her counterpart in Japan agreeing that the U.S. will continue buying seafood from Japan, despite the fact that the FDA is refusing to test seafood for radiation in any meaningful fashion.  So U.S. actions are helping to protect a pro-nuclear policy in Japan.

Indeed, mainstream Japanese newspaper Nikkei reports that it was President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton who have pressured the Japanese to re-start that country’s nuclear program after the Japanese government vowed to end all nuclear power in the wake of the Fukushima disaster.
Read the rest here

Friday, September 21, 2012

9/21/2012 Pump malfunction caused shutdown at Three Mile Island

Source: Chicago Tribune
Date: 9:39 a.m. CDT, September 21, 2012
Exelon waiting to nuke plant to cool to make repairs
The cooling towers at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant in Middletown, Pa., in a 1998 file photo. (Chris Knight/For the Tribune / September 20, 2012)

A malfunctioning pump caused an automatic shutdown of the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant Thursday, the second such event in as many months.

Plant officials and government regulators said the shutdown at the plant, where a partial meltdown of a reactor in 1979 is considered the worst commercial nuclear power plant accident in U.S history, posed no threat to public health or safety.

The shutdown occurred shortly after 2:15 p.m. ,when the failure of a coolant pump tripped the computerized system that shuts downs the reactor in the event of any safety-related problems. 
Read the rest here

Editor's Note: Map of Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station below.

View Live Ustream Radiation Detectors in a larger map

9/20/2012 Kucinich Addresses Coalition of Anti Nuclear Activists

Source: Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich
Date: 9/20/2012 upload date

Video Description
Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today addressed an overflowing audience of enthusiastic supporters as he explained the current status of the nuclear industry in the United States. He cited the problematic Davis-Besse nuclear power in Northern Ohio as an example of the state of the industry.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

9/17/2012 Kucinich to lead 1000s anti-nuclear, pro-renewable energy Occupiers

Source: Examiner
Date: 9/17/2012
By: Deborah Dupre
Note: The original article attributed the statement "The briefing will give legislators information that they need about the ongoing situation in Japan and the problems with the continued use of nuclear power in the U.S. Radiation is a deadly legacy, and nuclear power is dirty, dangerous and expensive - and unnecessary when we can turn to clean, safe, cheap solar and wind power" to Mr. Kucinich, as had been understood. That statement, however, was not made by Mr. Kucinich, but instead by Wired For Change. The author extends sincere apology for this error.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich is hosting a Congressional briefing, Thursday, September 20, 2012, on medical effects of radiation exposure, and health threats presented by United States nuclear power plants, nuclear fleet, and the on-going tragedy in Fukushima, Japan. The briefing is part of a series of anti-nuclear events including an Occupy the Nuclear Regulatory Commission demonstration and Fukushima evacuees' presentations.
Read full article here

Friday, September 14, 2012

9/14/2012 Nuclear Reactor Facility Evacuated In Austin

Source: Infowars
Date: Friday, September 14, 2012
Man with middle eastern accent claiming to be Al-Qaeda member phoned in bomb threat
A research facility at the University of Texas in Austin that houses an active nuclear reactor has been evacuated after a man with a middle eastern accent claiming to be a member of Al-Qaeda warned authorities the campus had been booby-trapped with explosives.
Read full article here

Editor's Note: Map of J. J. Pickle Research Campus below.

View Live Ustream Radiation Detectors in a larger map

Thursday, September 13, 2012

9/13/2012 Iran blocking nuke-site inspection

Source: World Net Daily
Date: 9/13/2012
by: F. Michael Maloof

WASHINGTON – Iran is imposing new conditions on the international nuclear watchdog agency whose inspectors want to visit the Parchin nuclear facility, where access already has been denied twice, according to a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.
Read the rest here

Thursday, September 6, 2012

9/5/2012 'Starfish Prime' VIDEO Shows 1962 Nuclear Explosion In Space

Source: Huff Post Science
Date: 09/05/2012 8:28 am

'Starfish Prime' test was conducted in 
the summer of 1962, when a 1.45 megaton 
nuclear weapon was launched 250 miles
into space above the Pacific Ocean and 

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... something far more frightening. 'It' was code-named 'Starfish Prime,' a test conducted in the summer of 1962, when a 1.45-megaton nuclear weapon was launched 250 miles into space above the Pacific Ocean and then detonated.

The resulting nuclear explosion in space, reports Discover Magazine, was a pulse of energy so strong it affected electrical circuits, power lines, and streetlights in Hawaii, nearly 600 miles away.
Read the rest here

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8/29/2012 STRONGest Quake since April 2011 Rocks Japan off Fukushima & update

Source: MsMilkytheclown
Date: 8/29/2012

Video Description
The strongest quake since last April 2011 Rocks Japan with a 5.6 magnitude
Nankai Trough quake could kill 323,000 in Japan - experts predict
Installation of 3 tsunami censors t be installed in October
Oh, don't let me forget Prime Minister Noda is Still a Dirt Bag. No confidence.
Nuclear power reactors need only a high school diploma to earn approx $100,000/year
global warming smoking gun sea ice lowest ever! HELLO! RADIOACTIVE FALLOUT!

Latest Headlines: http://enenews.com/

*3:05p ET* Intense quake hits Fukushima's neighboring prefecture — 4th highest classification on Japan seismic scale (MAP)

Official Sinkhole Website: Eye of Isaac to be over area for "FIVE HOURS" — Hurricane strength winds begin at 3p ET (MAP)

Study: Disease-related deaths surged after 3/11 — Heart unable to pump enough blood around body (See also: Cesium-137 not slow acting, immediately damages heart muscle)

Local Official on CNN: Worse than worst case scenario; "This is not a category 1, I don't care what anybody says" — Eye wall remains on track to hit sinkhole, now about 25 miles away (MAP & VIDEO)

Tepco: "Grit found in spaces between the rods" from Fukushima No. 4 fuel pool — Only a 'visual examination' after over a month

Official Sinkhole Website: "EYE WALL projected to be over us" at noon — Winds up to 100 mph

Expert: Rain, water may enter sinkhole and dissolve salt from above (VIDEO)

Isaac already causing sinkhole troubles (PHOTO)

Fukushima Mom: 5 hospitals refuse to provide medical care to children; "We can't be seen by a doctor when we want to be seen"... "It is just not right" — Doctor: It will be confusing if our result is different than Fukushima Medical University

Head of Fukushima Thyroid Exams: I'm trying to help "so that Japan as a country will not fall apart" — Lawsuits over health effects would victimize all Japanese

Issac upgraded to hurricane — Eye of storm headed for sinkhole — Assumption Parish now under mandatory evacuation order

Tepco: Dozen pieces of rubble found in fuel rod assembly removed from Fukushima No. 4 unit

Japan Newspaper: Hospitals refused to treat Fukushima plant workers

Radiation Expert: "There are immediate radiation dose concerns" from sinkhole — Gov't is in denial — "They don't know what to do about the radioactive contamination"

Chemical Expert: Residents will be exposed to extremely dangerous alpha radiation coming from sinkhole — Radioactive dust inhaled after carried by wind, surface water

Forbes: Untold numbers of endangered whales intervene in California nuke plant testing

WSJ MarketWatch: Cancer was "bound to happen" to animal grazing 5 miles downwind of Connecticut nuclear power plant

Governor says more boom being deployed in sinkhole — Winds up to 100 mph expected in area — All monitors within community being removed — Texas Brine in 'Hurricane Mode'

Gundersen on Gamma Rays: "Implies rubble was activated by neutrons, or that activation products like Cobalt-60 are in rubble — Interesting"

Editor's Note: Map of the M5.6 Earthquake mentioned in the video is below.

View Live Ustream Radiation Detectors in a larger map

Thursday, August 23, 2012

8/19/2012 Can Spent Fuel Pools Catch Fire?

Source: Fairewinds Associates
Date: 8/19/2012
by: Arnie Gundersen

In this Fairewinds’ feature, Fairewinds Associates Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen analyzes a US government national laboratory simulation video that shows nuclear spent fuel rods do catch fire when exposed to air. This simulation video proves Fairewinds’ assertions that nuclear fuel rods can catch fire when exposed to air, and Arnie discusses the ramifications of this phenomena if the Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 spent fuel pool were to lose cooling water.

8/19/2012 TIME Brags About Spinning Bufferfly Mutations From Fukushima Radiation

Source: Alexander Higgins Blog
Date: 8/19/2012

Time Magazine blatantly tells their readers they have found a positive way to spin genetic mutations caused by Fukushima Radiation.

How much sicker can this get?
Time Brags About Spinning Fukushima Butterfly Mutations
Absolutely disgusting…

The article goes on to openly admit the butterfly population is suffering genetic mutations due to the Fukushima nuclear fallout and it is being seen in butterflies because they are more sensitive.

But hey, let’s put a positive spin on the fact the rate of mutation skyrocketed from and initial 12% upon first observation nearly 2 months following the  onset of the fallout to a startling 34% in successive generations.
Read the rest here

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8/17/2012 Radiation Danger Covered Up Ever Since Nuclear Weapons Invented

Source: Washington's Blog
Date: 8/17/2012

Government Has Been Covering up Radiation Danger for 67 Years

The U.S. and other governments have been covering up nuclear meltdowns for fifty years to protect the nuclear power industry.
It turns out that the U.S. tried to cover up the destructive nature of radiation produced by nuclear weapons 67 years ago. As Democracy Now reports:
The army was well aware in 1943 of the enormous potential for radiation dangers to civilians and military personnel as a result of the use of radioactive weapons ….
[The New York Times] was essentially putting out the official government narrative [regarding the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki], which is that atomic radiation is not harmful, is not a major byproduct of the nuclear weapons program. You know, it’s only the blast that has essentially a very short impact. The reason that this has importance is that for really a half century, this narrative became the government’s response to all protests against nuclear power, the nuclear weapons programs of the 1950s and 1960s and the Cold War. So, [The New York Times] essentially set the table that the government was to occupy for the next half century as they disputed any attempt to rein in, you know, the rapid acceleration of nuclear weapons and power programs.
Nothing has changed. Governments worldwide continue to this day to cover up the amount – and health effects – of radiation released by military and energy facilities.
And the same considerations which drove the cover up in 1945 are still driving it. The archaic uranium reactor designs developed more than 40 years ago are good for making bombs.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8/21/2012 Washington state: Possible radioactive leak at Hanford tank farm

Source: Los Angeles Times
Date: August 21, 2012, 5:44 p.m
Radioactive material has been found between two layers of a double-shelled storage tank at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Richland, Wash. (Shannon Dininny/Associated Press / August 21, 2012

SEATTLE -- As part of the biggest, costliest environmental cleanup project in the nation’s history—disposing of 53 million gallons of radioactive waste at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state—one thing was supposed to be sure: Waste stored in the sturdy, double-wall steel tanks that hold part of the toxic ooze wasn’t going anywhere.

8/21/2012 Fukushima Highly Radioactive Fish, Increased Death, update

Source: MsMilkytheclown
Date: Aug 21, 2012

Video Description
"experts" examine why fukushima accident happened BUT (isn't there Always a But) all the "experts" are from the same society and already held their first meeting behind closed doors RED FLAG

National Policy Minister wants NO nucelar energy for society and have Japan government wake up to reality of no nukes decreasing dependency from 26percent to Zero percent

High radiation in Fish 38,000 Bq/kg 380X gov't safety limit (hello bio accumulative)

33,000 with "heatstroke" this year up 400 from last year, 103 dead. Prof. Chris Busby suspects these deaths are due to cardiac failure from nuclear fallout.

in Australia, cigarettes now have a NO LOGO policy and have ugly boxes to tell the truth about what smoking tobacco does to your body. If only the nuclear industry would adopt such a policy.

at the end, I made a spoof of TEPCO and their "psychological look" at "the situation"

Latest Headlines: http://enenews.com/

Mainichi: "High-radiation jungle" developing in Fukushima mountains, forests — "A natural disaster will certainly occur" if situation continues

Nuclear Chief: Belgium reactor could have '1,000s of cracks' — Same as used at U.S. plants — Suggests permanent closure all but certain

LA Times: 1/3 of workers laid-off at troubled Calif. nuke plant, many wonder if it will ever fully reopen — Official: Reality is reactor will not be operating 'for some time' — All while state survives scorching summer without San Onofre (VIDEOS)

WSJ: Japanese gov't is now most likely to decide to eliminate all nuclear power -Officials

Gov't: Plutonium detected at ten locations in Fukushima — "There is no health hazard"

Officials: "Another bubble site discovered yesterday" — "Bubbles have also showed up in the sinkhole" — Cleanup still halted, may resume next week

Highest Yet: Fish 20 times more radioactive than any other caught since 3/11 — 380 times limit for cesium -NHK

Biologist: We've seen dramatic effects on Fukushima's animals & plants — Now we're seeing it at the level of DNA (AUDIO)

Report: Concern work not being done at Reactors 1-3 — Perhaps much longer than 50 years just to contain radiation

TV: Clean up efforts near sinkhole remain suspended — Emergency official says still a lot of unknowns... will it grow further?

Japanese Diplomat: "Worsening situation" at Fukushima Daiichi — 40+ more years of radiation contamination coming out of plant may have sizeable effects in neighboring countries

Highest levels of acetone coming from sinkhole area since monitoring began — Most prevalent volatile compound spikes over weekend (CHART)

Gundersen: Essentially U.S. Congress is totally co-opted by nuclear industry — Host: Influence is hair-raising (VIDEO)

Japan Professor: "An emergency within an emergency" at Fukushima plant — Tepco may be criminally liable for endangering workers

M5.2 quake hits Fukushima — Followed soon after M5.1 in Kanto area (MAP)

Fairewinds: U.S. tested if spent fuel bundle could burn in air just 2 weeks before 3/11 — Footage of fire during simulation (PHOTO & VIDEO)

GRAPHICS: Sinkhole is directly above edge of giant salt dome — Size compared to Superdome

Mystery yellow substance on rooftop near Tokyo has cesium at 177,000 Bq/kg (VIDEO)

Gundersen: Rapid insect mutations seen after Fukushima are frightening (VIDEO)

Jiji: Footage reveals Tepco made plans to evacuate Fukushima Daiichi

Mainichi Interview: "The reactors still continue to release radioactive materials" — "The gov't needs to recognize the gravity of this situation"

WSJ: The great tragedy of Fukushima is that Japan shut down all its nuclear reactors -UC Berkeley Professor

Monday, August 20, 2012

8/20/2012 Public grills NRC officials on Davis-Besse FirstEnergy, commission blame Blizard of '78 for plant's problems

Source: toledoBlade.com
Date: 8/20/2012
From left, Barry Allen, Ken Byrd, and Jon Hook of FirstEnergy speak during a meeting Thursday night. The meeting included representatives of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and First Energy who discussed root cause for the shield building cracking at Davis-Besse and plans to fix the situation.
 OAK HARBOR, Ohio — Calling FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Corp.'s Blizzard of '78 explanation for cracks in the concrete Shield Building at Davis-Besse nuclear power plant a "snow job," plant critics challenged federal regulators' acceptance of that finding and asked about the risk of future weather-related damage during a three-hour hearing Thursday night."I remember plenty of other times when we had lots of rain followed by falling temperatures. How could soaking followed by freezing only cause damage once in 40 years?" Joe Demare of Bowling Green asked during a question session after an hour-long Nuclear Regulatory Commission presentation explaining how they came to their conclusion.
Read full article here

Editor's Note: Map of Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station below.

View Live Ustream Radiation Detectors in a larger map

8/20/2012 Nuclear Cover-Up Threatens Great Lakes Region [Davis Besse, Palisades]

Source: Counterpunch
Date: August 20, 2012

A CounterPunch Special Report on NRC Collusion With Utilities to Conceal Grave Safety Problems at Davis Besse and Palisades Reactors
According to recent reports from the nuclear watchdog Beyond Nuclear and several Great Lakes environmental organizations, the NRC is up to its usual practices as an industry captured agency.  Collusion and flagrant cover-ups at the Davis Besse nuclear power plant on the shores of Lake Erie and at the Palisades nuclear plant on the shores of Lake Michigan have drawn the ire of Congressmen Dennis Kucinich of Ohio and Ed Markey of Massachusetts who have called on the NRC’s investigator general to investigate NRC region 3 practices and motivations of the NRC in allowing these plants to operate with grave safety concerns.
Read the rest here

Monday, August 13, 2012

8/12/2012 Palisades Nuclear Generating Station Near Safe Haven, Michigan Shuts Down

Source: Fox 17, Our West Michigan
Date: 9:45 a.m. EDT, August 12, 2012

Video Description
COVERT, Mich.— The Palisades Nuclear Plant in Van Buren County has been shut down again.
Report continues here: http://www.fox17online.com/news/fox17-palisades-nuke-plant-shut-down-again,0,...

Reporting from mlive.com Grand Rapids [Michigan] Press: http://topics.mlive.com/tag/Palisades/index.html

Palisades Nuclear Generating Station, Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palisades_Nuclear_Generating_Station

Friday, August 10, 2012

8/10/2012 Quad Cities supervisor confirmed positive for alcohol during a follow-up fitness-for-duty test

Source: Enformable
Date: 8/10/2012

A non-licensed employee supervisor had a confirmed positive for alcohol during a follow-up fitness for duty test. The employee’s unescorted access to the plant has been denied. Contact the Headquarters Operations Officer for additional details.
The two General Electric boiling water reactors  at the Quad Cities plant are owned and operated by Exelon Corporation.
Source: NRC Event Reports

Editor's Note: Map of the Quad Cities Nuclear Generating Station facility is below.

View Live Ustream Radiation Detectors in a larger map

Thursday, August 9, 2012

8/9/2012 Nagasaki atomic bomb anniversary remembered

Source: euronews
Date: 8/9/2012 08:44 CET

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has joined the annual ceremony to remember the World War II bombing of Nagasaki.
As many as 80,000 people died on the August 9 1945, if not instantly, then from the effects of radiation.
The occasion, 67 years on, must have reminded Noda that the effects of radioactivity have once again threatened the lives of tens of thousands of Japanese.
Last February’s powerful earthquake and Tsunami led to a meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant. It was the worst nuclear disaster since Chenobyl.
Tomihisa Taue, the city’s mayor reminded the audience gathered at a peace park close to the Nagasaki bomb’s epicentre that 19,000 nuclear weapons still exist in the world.
“In order for ours to be the last city attacked by this technology, the use of nuclear weapons and their development must be clearly prohibited,” Taue said.
The bomb was code named ‘Fat Man’ and came three days after a similar attack on Hiroshima, which killed up to 140,000 people.
Nagasaki was one of the largest sea ports in southern Japan and a strategic target for the allies during World War II.
A roughly 7 square kilometre area of the city was destroyed.
The bombings were ordered by then US president Harry Truman, whose grandson Clifton Truman Daniel attended the ceremony.
Days after the bombing, Japan surrendered.

8/7/2012 Curiosity takes first cosmic ray sample of surface

Source: Space.com
Date: 8/7/2012

Video Description
100 years to the day (8/7/1912) after the discovery of galactic comic rays on Earth by Victor Hess, Curiosity's Radiation Assessment Detector took its first rad-readings on the surface of another planet.
Credit: Space.com

See also: On Its Centenary, Celebrating a Ride That Advanced Physics

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8/7/2012 Magnitude 4.4 Earthquake 39 miles NW of San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

Source: Los Angeles Times, USGS
Date: 8/7/2012 11:23 PM PST
Source: USGS
A magnitude 4.4 earthquake rattled Southern California on Tuesday night. The quake was reported at 11:23 p.m. and was centered around Yorba Linda in northern Orange County.
There was no immediate word of injuries or damage, but the quake was felt over a wide area.
According to the the U.S. Geological Survey, the temblor struck two miles northeast of Yorba Linda, about 29 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.
It was felt from Long Beach northwest to Santa Monica, as well as in downtown L.A.
-- Shelby Grad
Map: U.S. Geological Survey

Editor's Note: Using the Google Maps distance measuring too, this earthquake is 39 miles Northwest of the San Onofre Nuclear Station as shown in the nuclear map below.

View Live Ustream Radiation Detectors in a larger map

Monday, August 6, 2012

8/6/2012 Hiroshima marks atomic attack's anniversary (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Source: Russia Today
Date: 06 August, 2012, 07:53

People pray at the memorial cenotaph for victims of the 1945 atomic bombings at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in western Japan early on August 6, 2012 (AFP Photo / Kazuhiro Nogi)

Hiroshima is marking the anniversary of the 1945 atomic bombing of the city with tens of thousands of residents, visitors, blast survivors and their relatives having gathered at the Peace Memorial to commemorate the victims.

Monday marks 67 years since an American B-29 bomber, the Enola Gay, dropped a nuclear bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

A bell toll set off at 8:15 am local time -- the time of detonation -- announcing a moment of silence.

About 50,000 people have gathered for an official ceremony, while thousands more joined other commemoration events held across the city.
See photographs here

8/6/2012 STOP Nuclear Legally- Sign Petition: Dr Chris Busby

Source: Professor Chris Busby via MsMilkytheclown
Date: August 6, 2012 (anniversary of 1945 "Little Boy" Hiroshima bomb)

Video Description
Please reupload to your channel by pushing the remix button & publish. You can then title it what you like and fill in the description box and tags. Be sure to save changes :) Thank you.

Link to the petition here: http://nuclearjustice.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Petition-ANY-Environment...


It follows that if new evidence has appeared about the potential consequences of the EURATOM Basic Safety Directive, Under Article 20 (in the original 1996 version Article 6) all practices involving radiation exposure have to be re-justified. It is a legal requirement. What is proposed, therefore, is that all individuals resident in or citizens of a EU member state country, and all NGOs based in such countries, petition the European Parliament to require a re-justification of all radiation producing practices covered by the Euratom Basic Safety Standards Directive in any of its forms in the light of the new scientific evidence of health risks.

This new evidence is appended to the Petition as an Appendix and petitioners may ask for the evidence to be presented in any scientific discussion by members of the European Committee on Radiation Risk www.euradcom.org , or the International Committee on Nuclear Justice www.nuclearjustice.org .

Published on Aug 6, 2012 by junebloke
Pr Busby #Nuclear #Radiation in Euro #Fukushima /EU Parliament

Pr C.Busby on the EU Parliament Petition for EURATOM Justification
* radioactivebsrさんが 2012/08/06 に公開
The existentiality of the lawfuly acceptable amount of radio nuclides in the environment is the core question for all life on Earth. This question is scientifically formulated as the intellectual battle between two scientific models on the risk of the radioactivity, the acceptable levels of radio nuclides in the environment. The presently by the governments used ICRP-model, by the experts of this website is found guilty to be the cause of ongoing genocidal annihilation of all life forms as it underestimates the risks thousands of times. The ECRR-model is suggested to be used.
ECRR-model http://www.euradcom.org
Recommendations of the ECRR http://www.euradcom.org/2011/ecrr2010.pdf
ICRP-model http://www.icrp.org
Analyses of the ICRP model http://irpa11.irpa.net/pdfs/3a35.pdf
Enjoy the scientific batttle of both directors of the two Radiation Risk models -- J. Valentin and C. Busby, 22.03.2009, Stockholm
The recently resigned Scientific Secretary of the ICRP, Dr Jack Valentin , concedes to Pr. Chris Busby (ECRR) that the ICRP model can not be used to predict the health effects of exposures and that for certain internal exposures it is insecure by up to two orders of magnitude.
He also says that as he was no longer employed by ICRP he could agree that the ICRP and the United Nations committee on radiation protection (UNSCEAR) had been wrong in not examining the evidence from the Chernobyl accident and other evidence which shows large errors in the ICRP risk model.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

8/4/2012 i must return to chernobyl... call for donations

Source: bionerd23
Date: Aug 4, 2012

Video Description
i heed the call of chernobyl - i must return at all costs.
it's where i belong - basking in atom's glow, blinding YOU with the truth.

my return to chernobyl is planned for september 2012 - but i'm still a few hundred dollars short.
so... if you can help out, i'd be more than grateful -
THANK YOU for making this possible!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

8/2/2012 U.S. nuclear bomb facility shut after security breach

Source: Reuters
Date: Thu Aug 2, 2012 6:50pm EDT

(Reuters) - The U.S. government's only facility for handling, processing and storing weapons-grade uranium has been temporarily shut after anti-nuclear activists, including an 82-year-old nun, breached security fences, government officials said on Thursday.

WSI Oak Ridge, the contractor responsible for protecting the facility at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, is owned by the international security firm G4S, which was at the center of a dispute over security at the London Olympic Games.

Officials said the facility was shut down on Wednesday at least until next week after three activists cut through perimeter fences to reach the outer wall of a building where highly enriched uranium, a key nuclear bomb component, is stored.
Read the rest here

Sunday, July 29, 2012

7/29/2012 i am radioactive! or: my PET/CT scan - PART 2: brain images

Source: bionerd23
Date: 7/29/2012

Video Description
BRAIN IMAGES (CT, PET and PET+CT) of my F-18 fluorodopa PET/CT.
video of the scan procedure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7378ElgP5hI

i was injected with 200 MBq F-18, a radioactive isotope of fluorine, in the chemical form F-18-DOPA.
200 MBq means 200 million decays, resulting in 400 million gamma rays (annihilation photons) every SECOND.
this again resulted in an acute dose of about 5 mSv (including the 0.5 mSv CT scan prior to the PET scan) to me.

this was a scientific study (ethics-commission approved) to study the mechanisms of learning.
studies like this are performed on healthy test subjects on a daily basis.
i'm curious to hear your opinion on the matter...

Editor's Note: See the first video here where bionerd23 injects the radioactive dopamine tracer.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

7/25/2012 Dr Chris Busby: radioactivity in apartment in central Tokyo

Date: 7/25/2012
by: Dr. Chris Busby
Part 1

Video Description
In this and Part 2
Dr. Busby describes measurements made on an airconditing unit filter from inside an apartment in central Tokyo. This was sent by a lady in Tokyo who wanted to know if it was safe to live there. The filter only collected air from inside the apartment. It shows the presence of 130000Bq/kg radioCaesium in the dust plus enriched Uranium and for the first time Lead-210/Polonium-210. The apartment was evacuated from the Tuesday after the catastrophe and the machine switched off; and the family returned 5 months later. This and much other information about the health effects and cover ups, including leaked data are to be found in Dr Busby's new book in Japanese: the Horror of Fukushima, published on 25th July by Kodansha in Tokyo

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

7/24/2012 Fukushima Workers attempt to reduce danger CAUSED LEAK!

Source: MsMilkytheclown
Date: Jul 24, 2012

Video Description
Causes of largest radioactive leaks may be found
New decontamination device for Fukushima plant
Ohi No.4 reactor working at full capacity
and flashback from just July 18th where there are indeed cracks/fissures/fault lines under neath the OHI plant, but , well, they just need to see if they are still active. I'm curious HOW they tell if a fault line is "active". Is it a wait and see?
Tohuoku Drill at the Onagowa plant Unfukushima believable. Have they learned NOTHING?
Forget it! Trucks in case of a tsunami? Um, duah, it didn't work at Fukushima Daiichi ~
Well, go ahead and do that! (sarcasm included)
Prosecutors accept nuclear accident complaints
Jukushima Kids Absent as school reopen (GOOD!)
http://enenews.com/ HEADLINES, partially read by my friend NibiruMagick2012 here on YouTube. Please subscribe to his channel if you have not already.
Latest Headlines:

Experts assuming Reactor 2 had cracked containment vessel that allowed releases directly from melted nuclear core — Radioactive plume was blown south (VIDEO)

Medicated worker intentionally lit fire that burned nuclear sub... Twice — Navy had blamed blaze on vacuum cleaner (VIDEO)

More cooling needed after Fukushima reactor heats up -Asahi

Asahi: Cables connected to Fukushima reactor thermometers "on verge of breaking" — "Plant still not out of the woods"

Gov't Probe: Quake may have created 'tiny rupture' in Fukushima reactor vessel which grew larger

Tepco: Cesium getting stirred up? Fukushima plant still emitting 10,000,000 becquerels every hour

Kyodo News uses term 'Hot-zone' to describe Miyagi, Iwate and Tochigi Prefectures... not just Fukushima

*Batman Spoiler Alert* — 'Dark Knight Rises' nuclear plot revealed (VIDEO)

Asahi: "Our worries are growing more and more" says Fukushima mother — "The problem of the nuclear plant is still ongoing"

New gov't report stresses they still know very little about health implications of Fukushima disaster — Possibility of gov't meltdown cover-up raised on NHK (VIDEO)

Tepco: Total estimated cesium release into air is triple amount published 2 months ago

New Gov't Report: No answer for how radioactive materials leaked from Fukushima reactors — Unknown why Unit 1 exploded — Don't know reason Unit 2 released so much ...More

Nuclear Worker: "There's been some people dying, young guys, of some weird cancers" (VIDEO)

NYTimes on "Surreal Serenity": Hotel owner gave me mask, coat — 'Radiation levels are high sometimes when it rains' (VIDEO)

Japan Gov't Officials: "Infinite" damage can be caused by a nuclear power accident -NHK (VIDEO)

Former GE Nuclear Inspector: They made us wear lead vests to falsify radiation exposure when in Taiwan — All the lead did was cover our dosimeters (VIDEO)

'Growing concern' over worker shortages at Fukushima Daiichi by gov't and Tepco -AP

Japanese Journalist: "Do they want to kill children? I can't forgive — Adults in Tokyo are insane — I can't let it happen"

AP: Fukushima radiation cover-up "believed to be part of a widespread practice at the plant"

Japan TV: Radioactive 'hotspot' detected in sea — Silver-110m concentrating at high levels (VIDEO)

Fukushima Worker: "Some co-workers are really tempered, they use violence sometimes" — We are not to cause any trouble like fight while at Reactor No. 3

Fukushima Worker: Concrete, rebar falling off at Reactor number 3

7/24/2012 Dirty Deeds: Iranian nuclear program hit by 'AC/DC virus'?

Source: Russia Today
Date: 24 July, 2012, 15:48
AFP Photo / Joel Saget
Iranian nuclear facilities have reportedly been attacked by a “music” virus, turning on lab PCs at night and blasting AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.”

Mikko Hypponen, Chief Researcher at Finnish digital security firm F-secure, publicly released a letter he received from an unnamed Iranian scientist. The researcher, who claimed to work for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), said that another virus has struck the Natanz uranium enrichment facility in central Iran and a secret underground research facility at Fordo, southwest of Tehran.
Read full article here.

7/22/2012 Fukushima contractor forced workers to fake radiation readings — RT

Source: Russia Today
Date:  22 July, 2012, 01:32
The Unit 4 nuclear reactor building at TEPCO's Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant (AFP Photo / Tepco)
A company charged with decontaminating the devastated Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant encouraged its workers to falsely lower their radiation dosimeter readings by covering the devices with lead, according to a leaked tape of an internal meeting.

Nuclear plant workers are not allowed to be exposed to more than 50 millisieverts of radiation a year. But managers at Build-up, a company that provided insulation on the pipes that would pump irradiated water out of the plant, believed that doses experienced inside the plant, which suffered a meltdown, meant workers would quickly reach their limit.
Read full article here.

Editor's Note:  See also Nuclear Worker: “There’s been some people dying, young guys, of some weird cancers” (VIDEO) courtesy of ENENEWS.


Radiation News Archive

Older Radiation News

4/29/2011Japan TimesTepco, and state, responsible: Kan No player exempt from nuclear crisis redress burden, as government promoted atomic power
4/29/2011Japan TimesTohoku bullet trains fully resume
4/29/201109:15 -0400Zero HedgeTEPCO Releases Video Of Spent Fuel Rod Pool At Reactor 4
4/29/2011 06:59AM JSTJapan TodayMitsubishi Heavy develops forklift with radiation-proof cabin
4/29/2011 06:14AM JSTJapan TodayJapan to launch nuclear accident investigation panel in mid-May: Kan
4/28/2011Truth Frequency NewsUS Government Takes Down HAARP Website to Conceal Evidence of US Weather Modification and Earthquake Inducing Warfare
4/28/2011Russia TodayVIDEO: Fukushima - gross miscarriage of radiation science
4/28/2011EX-SKF Blog#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: A Rare Ground-Level Video Footage
4/28/2011IAEA.orgFukushima Nuclear Accident Update Log
4/28/2011NIKKEI.comJapan Nuclear Operator Postpones Plan To Flood Reactor Vessel
4/28/2011EX-SKF BlogChubu Electric Wants to Restart Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant in July
4/28/2011Washington's BlogStorms Knock Out 3 Nuclear Reactors in Alabama ... No Leak, But a Reminder of Nuclear Vulnerability
4/28/2011Kyodo NewsFOCUS: Chinese journalists change image of Japan after covering March disaster
4/28/2011 11:33AM EDTReutersJapanese to mark long holiday with volunteer work, not travel
4/28/2011The Japan TimesTepco woman took three times radiation limit
4/28/2011The Japan TimesFukushima city removing schools' topsoil
4/27/2011 03:50 PM JSTJapan TodayBig tank may be put under nuclear plant to store tainted water
4/27/2011Prisonplanet.comEyewitness in Illinois Reports High Radiation Levels on Forsythia Bush
4/26/2011Fairewinds AssociatesVIDEO: Gundersen Postulates Unit 3 Explosion May Have Been Prompt Criticality in Fuel Pool
4/26/2011EX-SKF Blog#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Contamination Map (Survey Map) by TEPCO
4/26/2011EX-SKF Blog#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool May Be Leaking
4/26/2011Washington's BlogIs a Rogue Computer Virus Shutting Down Nuclear Plants Worldwide?
4/25/2011Washington's BlogSomething Odd Is Happening at Reactor Number 4
4/24/2011 03:20 PM JSTJapan TodayVets to enter evacuation zone to deal with abandoned animals
4/24/2011 02:21 PM JSTJapan TodayGov't to launch massive 2-day search for quake bodies
4/24/2011 06:20 AM JSTJapan TodayWorkers locked in battle at nuclear plant; exposure to radiation rising
4/23/2011Japan TodayIs U.S. military relief effort Operation Tomodachi really about friendship?
4/23/2011ReutersChina, S. Korea rebuff Japan on import restrictions after quake
4/23/2011Lewis Whitefield HixsonHi-res photographic proof reactor core exploded at unit 3
4/23/2011Propheticseer.comVIDEO: Radioactive America! What the Mainstream media is NOT TELLING YOU!
4/23/2011EX-SKF Blog#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: "Radiation Contamination Map" of the Plant Exists, But TEPCO Hasn't Released It to Public
4/23/2011EX-SKF Blog#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Control Over the Independent Press Getting Tighter
4/23/2011EX-SKF Blog#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Unintended "Water Entombment" of Reactor 1
4/22/2011ReutersJapan earmarks first $50 billion for post-quake rebuild
4/22/2011PressTVJapan's radiation 20,000 times limit
4/22/2011Next Big FutureChina’s nuclear plans could resume by August
4/22/2011 10:06 AM JSTJapan TodayGov't seals off no-go zone around nuclear plant
4/22/2011 07:00 AM JSTJapan TodayAomori business groups ask TEPCO, others to resume building nuclear plants
4/21/2011BloombergTepco to Build Wall for Nuclear Plant After Fukushima Disaster
4/21/2011BloombergTepco Must End ‘Whack-a-Mole,’ Cover Fukushima Reactors as Typhoons Loom
4/21/2011Lucas Whitefield HixsonEPA RADnet Reports Show Plutonium in US since March 18th
4/21/2011The Intel HubDr. Steven Wing And Arnie Gundersen Discuss Global Radiation Exposure and Consequences
4/21/2011Alexander Higgins BlogJapan Nuclear Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 20 US Cities
4/21/2011Scientific AmericanThe Japan nuclear crisis at Fukushima: A video summary
4/21/2011Wired ScienceOp-Ed: Psychiatric Disorder Could Complicate Japan Quake Recovery
4/21/2011Washington's Blog"The Risk of a Nuclear Catastrophe ... Could Total Trillions of Dollars and Even BANKRUPT A COUNTRY"
4/21/2011The Japan TimesKan to make 20-km no-entry zone binding Holdout households face ouster; some evacuees may get short visits
4/21/2011Japan TodayCo-op sells banned spinach to consumers in eastern Japan
4/21/2011The Japan TimesCarrier returns to Yokosuka as concerns ease
4/21/2011Japan TodayToshiba's U.S. partner withdraws from Texas nuclear power project
4/21/2011The Japan Times21 mini FM stations helping survivors
4/21/2011Washington's BlogIt's Not Just Alternative Energy Versus Fossil Fuels or Nuclear - Energy Has to Become DECENTRALIZED
4/20/2011ZeroHedgeTEPCO Releases First Robot-Captured Video From Inside Reactors 2 And 3
4/20/2011The Japan TimesPneumonia cases rise in Tohoku
4/19/2011 09:46 PMENENEWSJUST IN: Unpublished radiation forecast showed much larger Cesium-137 cloud over North America (VIDEO)
4/20/2011 09:40 AM JSTJapan TodayNuclear plant workers at risk of depression, death from overwork: doctor
4/20/2011 07:15 AM JSTJapan TodayGov't may hike power charges to help cover damages payments
4/20/2011 07:10 AM JSTJapan TodayTsukuba demanded evacuees show radiation certificates
4/20/2011 (Kyodo Time)Japan TimesPowder to remove radiation developed
4/19/2011CRYPTOMEFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Photos 10
4/19/2011Washington's BlogFDA Refuses to Test Fish for Radioactivity ... Government Pretends Radioactive Fish Is Safe
4/19/2011NHK World (English)TEPCO to check if plutonium leaked to seabed
4/19/2011BloombergAreva to Deliver Water-Treatment Unit to Tepco's Crippled Fukushima Plant
4/19/2011NHK World (English)Death toll in Japan disaster exceeds 14,000
4/19/2011Japan TodayTEPCO starts moving highly radioactive water to storage facility
4/19/2011ReutersWRAPUP 1-With much at stake, Japan voices confidence in US debt after S&P move
4/19/2011BloombergTepco Robots Find High Radiation Levels in Reactor Buildings
4/18/2011Associated PressRadiation near Japan reactors too high for workers
4/18/2011ReutersJapan "eyes sales tax rise" to pay for post-quake rebuild
4/18/2011The Intel HubUS Nuclear Plant Without Power After Being Hit By Tornado
4/18/2011Washington's BlogNuclear Overseers Are "Fake" Agencies Funded and Controlled by the Nuclear Power Industry
4/16/2011BloombergNoda Says Quake, Tsunami Reconstruction Will Help Japan's Economy Recover
4/16/2011Truth Frequency News(VIDEO) What the Japan Earthquake Sounded Like Under the Water
4/15/2011ReutersCalls grow for Japan PM to quit in wake of quake
4/15/2011Japan TodayTEPCO to pay Y1 mil in provisional damages to 50,000 households
4/15/2011Global Security NewswireJapan Plant Fuel Melted Partway Through Reactors: Report
4/15/2011The Intel HubDr. Mark Sircus: Running For Our Lives
4/15/2011Scientific AmericanDose Detectives: Device Analyzes Radiation Exposure through Teeth and Nails [Slide Show]
4/14/2011Washington's BlogU.S. Providing Inadequate Radiation Readings to the Public
4/14/2011Washington's BlogWhat Foods Are Highest in Antioxidants? Some Inexpensive Foods Are Higher In Antioxidants than the Newest Pricey "Superfoods"
4/14/2011Associated PressJapanese risk radiation to rescue stranded dogs
4/14/2011Truth Frequency News(VIDEO) 400,000 to develop cancer in 200 km radius of Fukushima
4/14/2011Press TVJapan hit by more nuclear crisis
4/14/2011Japan TodayWorkers struggle to remove highly toxic water at nuclear plant
4/14/2011The American DreamMuch Of Northern Japan Uninhabitable Due To Nuclear Radiation?
4/14/2011Sofia News AgencyJapan Mulls to Move Capital over Disaster Worries
4/13/2011Fairewinds AssociatesFukushima Accident Severity Level Raised to '7': Gundersen Discusses Lack of US Radiation Monitoring Data
4/13/2011The Intel HubRecord Levels of Fukushima Japan Nuclear Radiation Detected In Pacific Ocean Will Be Carried Toward US
4/13/2011Zero HedgeTEPCO Confirms Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool Is Now An Uncontrolled, Open Air Fission Process
4/13/2011Washington's BlogNo, Japan's Nuclear Reactors Are Not "Stable"
4/12/2011Washington's BlogA U.S. Nuclear Accident Could Be a Lot Worse than Japan
4/12/2011 (4/13/2011 Kyodo)Kyodo NewsWorkers start removing toxic water in level 7-rated nuke crisis
4/12/2011PrisonPlanet.comFukushima Introduces Deadly Strontium Into Environment
4/12/2011Zero HedgeFukushima Vs Chernobyl - Compare And Contrast
4/12/2011 11:16pm EDTReutersTEPCO wary of Fukushima radiation leak exceeding Chernobyl
4/11/2011CRYPTOMEFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Photos 6
4/11/2011Russia TodayRadioactive Japanese cars detained in Russia’s Far East
4/11/2011 3:50 PMEnergy NewsJapan raises Fukushima to Level 7, same as Chernobyl
4/11/2011Russia TodayRadiation caught on tape: RT talks to Fukushima zone stalker
4/11/2011The Intel HubJapan Nuclear Radiation In Hawaii Milk At LEAST 600% Above Federal Drinking Water Limits
4/11/2011 10:02AM BSTThe TelegraphJapan earthquake: Fukushima nuclear plant evacuated following aftershock
4/9/2011ForbesRadiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 More US Cities, Cesium-137 In Vermont Milk
4/9/2011The IndependentJapan to pump radioactive water into sea until Sunday
4/8/2011Washington's BlogJapan's Nuclear Meltdown, the Economic Meltdown, and the Gulf Oil Meltdown All Happened for the SAME REASON
4/8/2011BloombergSony, Nikon Plants Knocked Out by Aftershock, Delaying Recovery
4/8/2011PrisonPlanet.comInside report from Fukushima nuclear reactor evacuation zone
4/8/2011Alexander Higgins BlogJapan Nuclear Radiation Found In Food Being Bought In California Stores
4/7/2011ZeroHedgeWater Leak Found At Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant
4/7/2011Washington's BlogSouth Koreans Wear Masks Out of Fear of Radiation from Japan
4/7/2011PrisonPlanet.comOnagawa Nuclear Plant Loses Power After Earthquake
4/7/2011The Intel Hub“Blinding”Blue Light/ Flash Seen During Earthquake In Japan, Nuclear Plant Loses Power
4/7/2011Natural NewsFukushima dumping of radioactive water into Pacific Ocean violates international law
4/6/2011Alexander Higgins BlogTrue Horrors Of Japan Nuclear Disaster Revealed In Confidential Leaked Government Document
4/6/2011Truth Frequency NewsGreat, now our oceans are sewers…
4/6/2011The Intel HubFukushima Daiichi Radioactive Seawater Model, Spent Fuel Rods DID Explode Into Atmosphere
4/6/2011Japan TodayTEPCO to inject nitrogen into No. 1 reactor to prevent explosion
4/5/2011 14:02Activist PostAmerica and EU Agree: Raise Radiation Levels for Food
4/5/2011 14:02Financial TimesTepco seals leak at nuclear plant
4/5/2011The New York TimesU.S. Sees Array of New Threats at Japan’s Nuclear Plant
4/5/2011The Economic TimesImported food items from Japan banned due to radiation fears
4/5/2011 5:58 AMBusiness InsiderJapan Finds Toxic Fish, As Ocean Radiation Soars To 7.5 Million Times Legal Limit
4/5/2011Kyodo News11,500 TONS of radioctive water dumped in to ocean by TEPCO
4/4/2011Prisonplanet.comUNBELIEVABLE: Fukushima Workers Trying To Plug Radiation Leaks With Bits Of Newspaper, Garbage Bags, Diaper Like Material
4/4/2011IMVAEnd of Week Three
4/3/2011The Intel HubRainwater in California Measured 181 Times The Acceptable Limit For Drinking Water
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